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If you have stumbled upon this site you may be someone considering the benefits of window replacement. Perhaps you have noticed a significant cold draft coming from your windows, especially considering the intense winds we have had recently. Maybe you have noticed peeling paint or chipping and soft wood on your window frames. Some older windows become lose and can rattle in the frame causing not only more drafts of cold or hot air and the possibility of your window cracking or breaking but it is also noisy.

Whatever the reason you are considering replacement windows Powell Remodeling has the information and the expertise for you. Throughout this article you will read about the benefits of window replacement, some of the cost effective solutions you can take until you are able to replace your windows, and some of the different types of windows that are available to you now, not to mention the cost benefits you can see with replacing old drafty windows with new energy efficient ones.

I’ll start with the benefits you can consider when considering replacing your windows. Although the thought of doing a whole home replacement can be daunting and sound expensive it is a good idea to consider the savings you can obtain with a whole home replacement. Powell Remodeling offers discounted rates on window replacement when you purchase more than **** windows which can equal a huge savings in your pocket. Not only will you benefit from the cost savings by receiving discounted rates but you will also see a benefit in your energy bill that is much more significant when replacing all of your windows as opposed to just a few. Obviously every homeowners needs are different and you may have already started the process of window replacement, and in that case it is understandable you would not be in the market for whole home replacement. However if you are just starting to shop around this is a great process to consider as the benefits and cost savings largely outweigh those of slowly replacing single or double windows individually.

Not only does replacing your windows increase your homes insulation properties it also increases the value and the curb appeal. New windows make a huge difference on the look and feel of your house inside and out. If you are replacing windows in an older home and want to keep the aesthetic value of your moldings Powell Remodeling can provide custom moldings to match those that are already in your home. We can also salvage existing moldings that may still be useable and thus bring the costs down even more.

Since window replacement can be costly and we here at Powell Remodeling understand that sometimes this is something you need to save for, I want to provide some short term solutions you can utilize until you are able to save for the replacement you have in mind. One largely used technique that is helpful especially in our cold Cleveland weather is to place plastic over your windows and secure it using an easy to remove caulk that can be purchased at a local home repair store or even tape, however be cautious when using tape to seal your windows. It can leave a residue on your moldings that can be hard to remove or even peel off paint upon removal. Another good idea for securing your home from either cold winter air or hot summer heat is to make sure your storm windows are securely in place. The storm windows offer additional protection from wind and rain that can be drafty and also damage the wood in your window frames.

Lastly I want to discuss the types of windows that are available on the market today. It can be overwhelming trying to educate yourself on the best windows available for the best price. The most effective and easiest way to learn of what will best fit your needs is to contact Powell Remodeling for an estimate and review of your current windows so that we can educate you on what is available and the costs you can expect when considering window replacement. In doing this we can provide you with not only the prices of the windows available and the specific differences in what you are looking for but we can also inspect the current condition of your windows and moldings as with replacement there can be significant rotting from years of rain and weather. Many people choose to first investigate the costs associated with window replacement on their own and we agree that this is an important step to knowing you are being given a proper price and a sturdy product. There are many websites available that you can search to provide you with information on cost and product differences.

The overall the decision to replace your windows can be a stressful one but we at Powell Remodeling want to take that stress from you and provide you with effective and efficient service that meets your needs and budget.

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